a photographer on a mission.

I'm not your typical photographer who's in this career for luxury travel or accolades  like magazine publishings. I'm on a mission to share earth's purest moments between genuine humans, families, and couples. I know what it's like to miss the people I love dearly, wishing I had more images with them. I'm here to document images of the people you love to make sure you don't experience that same emotion!

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My Reason

Usually this section is where you put some mushy gushy stuff, but I'm going to be real with you all...photography was my escape from anxiety and depression when I suffered loss in my family. 

I lost my cousin named Maddox to cancer in 2020. Maddox had Rhabdomyosarcoma- a very aggressive brain cancer, and believed that chemo treatments and trips to the hospital were turning him into a Power Ranger. This gave him lots of strength and courage as he fought his mightiest fight until the end. A week before my family was told the unexpected news that the cancer had rapidly spread, he got a random visit from his favorite character- The Red Power Ranger. They had a battle, and Maddox won! He truly believed it was all real and he took the title of the new Red Ranger. This was a special day for him and his family because of how unbelievably happy he was. The photos that were taken that day show his pride and you can feel his feeling of victory through them. That was the day I realized what I needed to be doing with my life.
A Piece Of Cake Parties and Megan Rego Photography have teamed up to provide an experience just like this for children like Maddox. Our mission is to gift families battling a pediatric cancer diagnose a free portrait session with their favorite character. A Piece Of Cake Parties has about 100 characters to choose from!

I'll always remember that day. Maddox helped me discover my reason - to capture Earth's purest moments.

For more information click the link below. 

Maddox and his twin sister,
Brielle Olivia ALMeiDA

ThE Maddox Ranger project